Result Matrix For company : "Sisoft Saglik Bilgi Sistemleri (Healthcare Information Systems)"

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Basic Image Review Mammography Image Patient Demographic Query HL7 V3 Sharing Value Sets Scheduled Workflow Cross-Enterprise Document Media Interchange Cross-Enterprise Clinical Documents Share (XDS.b) Patient Information Reconciliation Consistent Presentation of Images Access to Radiology Information Key Image Note Simple Image and Numeric Report Evidence Documents Patient Identifier Cross-referencing for MPI Consistent Time Audit Trail and Node Authentication Cardiac Catheterization Workflow Echocardiography Workflow Laboratory Specimen Barcode Labeling Laboratory Testing Workflow Patient Administration Management Portable Data for Imaging Patient Demographics Query Resting Electrocardiography Workflow Sharing Lab Report Cross-enterprise Document Sharing for Imaging (XDS-I.b)
Label Broker                                                  
ADT Patient Registration                                          
Order Placer                                        
Department System Scheduler/Order Filler                                                
Image Manager                                    
Image Display                                      
Report Reader                                                
Audit Record Repository                                                  
Secure Node                                                  
Time Server                                                  
Patient Identity Consumer                                                  
Patient Identity Source                                                  
Time Client                                                  
Automation Manager                                                  
Content Consumer                                                  
Content Creator                                                  
Document Consumer                                                  
Document Registry                                                
Document Repository                                                
Document Source                                                  
Imaging Document Source                                                  
Label Information Provider                                                  
Patient Demographics Consumer                                              
Patient Demographics Supplier                                                
Portable Media Creator                                                
Portable Media Importer                                                
Performed Procedure Step Manager                                                  
Secure Application                                                  
Value Set Consumer                                                  
Value Set Repository                                                  

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The results expressed as IHE Connectathon results for a company in these tables imply that the company has successfilly tested one or more product(s) implementing the mentioned integration profiles and actors. Users of IHE should consult the IHE Integration Statements from this company to obtain the IHE actors and integration profiles that are supported by a specific product and version. The link by the vendor name (Integration Statement) provide access to the vendor's IHE Integration Statements.

When such a link is absent, companies have not yet registered their IHE Integration Statement Web pages. To do so contact Chris Carr in the North America and Eric Poiseau in Europe.