IHE Connectathon Global Results

Welcome to IHE Connectathon Global Results

This webpage is a central resource for accessing the results of the IHE Connectathon testing events. The aim is to facilitate easy access to these results and support the ongoing effort to enhance global healthcare interoperability.

Since its inception in 2001, IHE Connectathon has provided a platform where numerous vendors can test the interoperability of their systems in a controlled, collaborative environment.
This extensive testing, which is conducted annually across Asia, Europe, and North America, has involved thousands of vendor-to-vendor connections and facilitated tens of thousands of transactions between the various systems. The global results from these Connectathons offer insights into the technical compatibility and performance of different healthcare IT solutions and also serve as a benchmark for improvements and innovations in the industry.

For vendors, these results highlight areas of success and opportunities for enhancement in their products, ensuring that they meet industry standards and work effectively in diverse operational environments. However insights provided on this webpage are intended for a wide range of users, from IT professionals in healthcare to policymakers and healthcare providers.

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